NAME U-1〔Yuichi Horikawa〕

note:"1" pronounces with "ichi" in Japanese.

Introduce oneself:

Date of birh 13 APR 1984

The place where one was born: Japan Osaka 


○OCT 2006
It sends to 『The Kurashiki art street』 for display.

○OCT 2007
『The Iga exhibition』 winning a contest

○21~26 FEB 2008
It sends to 『group exhibition KATAMARI vol.1』 for display.

○MAY 2008
It sends to 『the Kashiwara biennial』 for display.

○11~15 JUN 2008
It sends to 『The Mizukoshisatoyama art exhibition』 for display.

○JUL 2008
 In Aotani art Village. Mural painting work participation of giraffes.

○7~19 JUL 2008
In Aotani art Village.  It sends to『 A Tanabata exhibition』 for display.



Tanabata is a star festiva of Japan on July 7.
It is a star festival originating in the tale of romance of Vega and Altair.

○NOV 2008
It is the live to the event "RAM" in Osaka Minatomachi River Press.   It participates as Painter.

○12~17 FEB 2009
It sends to 『group exhibition KATAMARI vol.2』 for display.

○FEB 2010
It sends to 『group exhibition KATAMARI vol.3』 for display.

○FEB 2011
It sends to 『group exhibition KATAMARI vol.4』 for display.

○9~14 FEB 2012
It sends to 『group exhibition KATAMARI vol.5』 for display.


O 2012.10.26~10.27 Osaka Shinsaibashi DAIMARU department store   Art stream exhibition


 ○2013.1.27It sends to a zero circle cafe for display by Osaka Namba and a newspaper woman gallery.


 O 2013.2.7~2.13 The 6th Osaka University of Arts correspondence course part volunteer group exhibition "lump" exhibition 



The 25th anniversary of Lokman, a boss character contest highest award award "arcade man" 



The Aoya art colony art event exhibition 

Founder Morisaki Sachi of Independent Art Association   Prize award


O 2013.9.15~2013.9.30 

Osaka Shinsaibashi KAWACHI art supply store private exhibition 

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U-1 `s nezumi13
U-1 `s nezumi13

Copyright © 2012 U-1 `s nezumi13 All Rights Reserved.